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Working Principle Of Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

By:Sherry         Date:December-12-17

Automatic vacuum packing machine must use the forming mold, first the film heating, and then the forming mold into the shape of the container, the packaging into the forming of the lower membrane cavity, and then vacuum packing. Then in the sealed box to vacuum or vacuum the packaging, and the film and the next film heat, and then through the crosscutting, slitting the packaging, the final packaging of the finished product to the next process, the remaining waste film material collected by collectors. Deep pull packaging used film for the deep pull film, soft film and hard film, this film has good formability, high transparency, can block oxygen, heat, tightness, flatness, fog-resistant and so on. This film is equipped with hot forming packaging machine, not only can packaging solids, liquids, soft objects, fragile products, etc., but also vacuum soft film packaging, hard film inflatable packaging. It is hygienic, efficient, labor-saving and less expensive to use. 
Automatic vacuum packing machine


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