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How Does Vacuum Packaging Help Preserve Food?

By:Sherry         Date:August-31-18

Now the vacuum packaging technology has become more and more mature, it is widely used in various industries and plays a unique role, there is no substitute for other equipment, but do you know how does vacuum packaging help preserve food?
The preserve effect of vacuum packaging is different for different foods, Now let's look at the classification for how does vacuum packaging help preserve food.
1. For meat, vacuum packaging can inhibit the growth and development of bacteria by removing oxygen from the packaging bag. It can also inhibit the decomposition and oxidation of oil, control food deterioration, and achieve the purpose of keeping fresh and quality. If fresh meat is vacuum-packed, due to the tissue of the meat does not stop breathing, there are also frequent movements of some microorganisms, it'll convert the oxygen in the vacuum bag into carbon dioxide, the accumulated carbon dioxide can effectively inhibit the proliferation and production of cytiobacteria. Therefore, it has certain effect on meat preservation.
2. For fruits and vegetables, vacuum packaging reduces oxygen content in the bag, fruits and vegetables can breathe through anaerobic respiration, producing carbon dioxide, maintain a certain amount of humidity at the same time. This environment with low oxygen, high carbon dioxide and high humidity can effectively reduce fruit - repellent transpiration and fruit - repellent respiration, reduce ethylene production and nutrition consumption, and finally achieve the goal of preservation.
3. And in terms of other foods, vacuum packaging can reduce water evaporation, control the condensation and solidification of food caused by water loss.
In addition to the above functions, it also has the advantages of resisting mechanical pressure, reducing vibration and facilitating long-distance transportation, therefore, the original color, aroma, taste, shape and nutritional value of food can be preserved more effectively.

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