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Types Of Packaging For Cheese

By:Sherry         Date:January-26-18

The cheese industry is a seasonal industry, many dairy processors process the remaining milk into cheese in the summer. Cheese manufacturing process is mainly coagulation, cutting, heating and curd, and then squeezed, fermentation and removal of whey. The whole process is the transformation of microorganisms. During this process, the enzymes produced by the bacteria cause the cheese to smell and form a unique tissue.
The impact of cheese packaging and storage conditions on its life is very large. General cheese, have common requirements on the packaging. First, oxygen must be isolated to prevent mold and deterioration; second, to maintain moisture, to maintain its flexible organization, to avoid weightlessness.
Types of packaging for cheeseTypes of cheese packaging
1.Pillow packaging
2.Box packaging
3.Cup packaging
But no matter what type of packaging, has the following requirements:
1. Mechanical strength
Should be combined with sealing methods and bulk packaging requirements, consider the mechanical strength of packaging materials.
Packaging materials must be adapted to the characteristics of the product and contain no harmful ingredients.
3. Moisture control
Water vapor permeability of packaging materials to be low, to prevent the loss of moisture in cheese storage.
4.Oxygen permeability
In order to prevent the cheese moldy, you need to control the oxygen content of the package at a lower level.
Cheese packaging materials are generally used polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, ethylene copolymer, polyvinylidene chloride, polyamide, coated fiber materials, aluminum foil and a variety of coated paper products.
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