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Types of Filling Machines

By:Sherry         Date:April-30-19

There are many types of filling machines on the market, but mainly divided into two categories, automatic liquid filling machine and semi automatic liquid filling machine. Let us briefly introduce these two types of filling machines here.
The automatic piston filling machine has been improved on the basis of the traditional filling machine and added some additional functions. It makes the product more convenient and convenient in terms of operation, precision error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and so on. It is widely used in various industries such as daily chemicals and oils, and can be filled with different viscosity fluids. The machine design is compact and reasonable, the shape is simple and beautiful, and the filling volume is convenient to adjust.
Types of Filling Machines 
Semi automatic:
Single-head plunger type quantitative filling device, the quantitative supply of materials is realized by adjusting the distance of the plunger movement, and at the same time, the adjustment is made according to different filling amounts within the measuring range. Easy to operate, quantitative discharge, accurate measurement, simple structure. Made of stainless steel, it meets the hygiene requirements of food and pharmaceutical production. It has a wide range of uses and is suitable for the filling of pastes and liquids in daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.
 Semi Automatic Filling Machine
In addition to the filling machine into automatic and semi-automatic two types, it can also be classified according to different filling materials, if you interest in these machine, please contact us for free.
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