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Types of Cement Bags

By:Sherry         Date:September-18-19

Cement is a necessity of construction, they always packed into bags, but do you know what types pf cement bags? Commonly used cement bags are valve bags, but it is also divided into different types. According to the material can be divided into: woven bags, PE bags, paper bags, kraft paper bags and so on.
 Cement Bags

1. Woven bag is made of polypropylene woven fabric with upper or lower valve orifice.
2. PE bag is made of polyethylene woven cloth valve mouth bag, with moisture-proof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant characteristics.
3. Paper plastic bag is made of kraft paper and woven cloth. It has the characteristics of high strength and moisture-proof.
4. Kraft paper bag is made of kraft paper, with environmental protection, impact resistance and beautiful appearance.
Why use valve bags to pack cement?
1. The overall appearance of this bag is square, which is very suitable for stacking transportation.
2. Convenient filling materials, and the sealing method is simple.
3. Suitable for packaging powder, particle, sheet and other materials.
4. Improve packaging efficiency, reduce labor intensity.
In addition to the above types, there are other types of cement bags, but the above several more common. And all these types of cement bags are suitable for our cement packing machine.


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