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Tea Stick Packing Machine

By:Sherry         Date:May-09-18

Tea Stick Packing Machine
Tea stick packing machine
is specially designed for small granular materials, such as tea powder, coffee, etc. The tea packing machine can prevent plugging, leakage and other problems effectively. The tea stick packing machine superior performance and efficient production mode has been favored by users. The packaging machine covers a small area, low energy consumption, saving production space and cost, under different production conditions, the tea stick packing machine can have a good adaptability, and suitable for a variety of product packaging, adjustment method is simple.
Tea stick packing machine detailed description:
1. Use advanced PLC controller, driving stepper motor control bag long, stable performance, convenient adjustment, accurate detection.
2. The tea packing machine uses the independent cutting way, and has the relative adaptability to any packing material.
3. The tea stick packing machine use new packaging machine technology, compared with the traditional technology, the tea packaging machine includes hopper, electronic weigher and meter, all processes are set by the control table, the whole process of automatic operation, do not need manual operation, improve the efficiency of tea packaging, improve product appearance grade, so that the value of the product upgrade.
4. Bag making, metering, filling, sealing, printing, finished product output one-time.
Tea stick packing machine has a strong packaging capacity, and we can be customized according to the special requirements of customers, because different products, different forms of packaging,  use different packaging machine. But the breadth of tea stick packing machine allows the machine to package different products because it is widely used, so it is very popular. Now the tea stick packing machine with its own strength has made greater development, and ensure the stability of the machine in daily work, to ensure that product quality can win the attention and recognition of enterprises.
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