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What Are The Types Of Tea Packaging Machine?

By:Sherry         Date:November-17-17

What are the types of tea packaging machine?
There are many types of tea packaging machine, which in addition to the packaging of tea, but also on agricultural products, pharmaceutical products, health products packaging machine. And its classification can also be classified under different conditions.

Such as the working principle of the packaging machine is different,can divided into triangle tea bag packaging machine,round tea bag packaging machine,double chamber tea bag making machine,etc. 

According to the classification of tea can be divided into: black tea packaging machine, green tea packaging machine, Longjing tea packaging machine and so on.

In short, the classification of tea packing machine is not strictly required, the standard is different, the categories are different. The specific choice of what type of machine, but also according to your raw materials, finished products and capacity.


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