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What Is Tea Manufacturing Process?

By:Sherry         Date:September-21-18

Tea is a very popular drink in the world, but do you know what is tea manufacturing process? The tea manufacturing process is a very complex process, now let us share some details with you.
Picking: Good varieties must be chosen carefully, good cultivation management, grasp the timing and method of picking, the picked tea should be kept properly.
 Tea Manufacturing Process
Sunning: The step is to give the tea a distinct solar flavor.
Cooling: Cooling is the complementary process of sunning. Leave fresh tea in thrill hedge, loosen and place on a shelf and in a cool place, make the water of each part of tea distribute equably again, send out quantity of heat, reduce the rate of water loss and chemical change. The process takes about an hour, the water loss rate is about 1%.
Rocking of green leaf: Rocking of green leaf is a very important process in the tea manufacturing process. Different combination tests of mechanical forces and frictional force were carried out, to explore the effects of different mechanical forces on the physical and chemical changes and tea quality.
 Tea Manufacturing Process
Stir Fixation: The aim is to rapidly destroy the activity of the enzyme through high temperature, stop the enzymatic oxidation, make the quality of tea fixed. In the process must be when pot temperature reaches 220 ~260℃, you can put into the tea, and to master the "appropriate high temperature, stir fry evenly, fast short - term" principles.
Rolling: Basically use medium, small - sized rolling machine, some people also use hand to roll.
Drying: The process is designed to give the tea a "fire flavor".
The last two steps of the tea manufacturing process are pick terrier and packing, the pic terrier always complete by manual, and the packing often complete by tea packing machine.


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