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Automatic Dip Tea Bag Packing Machine Development

By:Sherry         Date:May-31-18

The annual consumption of dip tea bag in the world accounts for 23.5% of the total consumption of tea in the world, and the development of dip tea bag also promotes the development of dip tea bag packing machine.
It is understood that the current international tea market is mainly divided into three parts, one is the different flavors of reprocessed tea, one is the different characteristics of the tea bag, and the other is the traditional tea wholesale and sales. Among them, the demand of dip tea bag is bigger and bigger, and because of its "quantitative, hygienic, convenient, fast" and other characteristics become more and more popular. In recent years, with the increase of people's income and the improvement of living standards, the sales of beverages have increased rapidly. Although some drinks have improved their sales because of their good taste, people pay more attention to health and scientific diet, so the prospects and market space of healthy drinks such as tea will be wider. Moreover, dip tea bag will be further developed as a new packaging method in the tea industry.
Judging from the current development of tea market, the market share of dip tea bag will be bigger and bigger. This increases the demand of tea processors for commercial tea bag packing machine. It promoted the development of automatic dip tea bag packing machine.
The automatic dip tea bag packing machine with following features:
1. Microcomputer control, the dip tea bag packing machine is controlled by PLC program, the electronic interface is displayed, simple and efficient.
2. Introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, strict quality control and precision testing equipment, to ensure the product's pass rate and stability.
3. Automatic filling, bag making, sealing, technology and so on.
4. The shape of dip tea bag can be round or square. If customers need to customize tea bags with other shapes, they can contact us.
 Dip Tea Bag Packing Machine


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