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Soap Packing Machine Factory

By:Sherry         Date:May-02-18

Soap Packing Machine Factory
Soap is widely used in daily life, and its sales volume is also very large. So many people started to soap production business. The soap packing machine plays a very important role in the soap production process. As a soap packing machine factory, we are honored to introduce our soap packing machine to you.
The soap wrapping machine with the following advantage:
1. Cam drive design, smooth and compact operation, good packaging effect, fast packaging speed, the speed is dozens of times than manual packaging, PLC touch screen control, parameter setting convenient and fast.
2. Automatic fault detection function, if the machine fails, the fault message will appear on the display.
3. Automatic cutting packaging materials, suitable packaging materials: In addition to electrostatic pearl film, phosphor paper and cellophane.
4. Can label automatically, suitable for ordinary labels and transparent labels.
5. Easy to change the mold, debugging is simple and quick.
6. The transmission system is simple, the work is more reliable, and maintenance is more convenient.
7. All controls are implemented by software to facilitate functional adjustments and technology upgrades. The machine is mainly suitable for square soap packaging, a machine can be used for different sizes of soap. If you do not need to connect the production line, you need 1 person to put in raw materials, and you can complete the entire packaging process.
If you want to pack the soap into a pillow type, please visit the pillow type packing machine. The machine can pack soaps of various shapes.
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