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Small Box Wrapping Machine Operating

By:Sherry         Date:February-14-18

Small box wrapping machine

When the small box wrapping machine system is running automatically in the default mode, it will automatically detect whether all the cylinders are in the reset state. If not in the reset state, the system will automatically alarm and reset all the cylinders at the same time. All cylinders will be reset automatically when the automatic operation status is switched to the manual operation status (the angle, the pushing material, the shaping, the easy-pulling line, the folding, the folding and the cutting are reset to the initial state); in order to make the atmospheric pressure in a normal state, When the pressure is low, the system will be prompted to tell you the lack of pressure, the system will not start; the system provides two emergency switches, when an emergency occurs, press the emergency stop button, the system will stop all the operations are prohibit, until the fault is removed, the emergency stop button to restore, all operations will be carried out.
If you want to make it more perfect, you can regularly check the equipment, preferably once a month, keep the room clean and tidy, do not let the air contains acids and other corrosive gases in it, when it is found damaged should be repaired at any time, do not let the packaging machine to work again, you need to keep the machine clean and tidy, painted with rust-proof oil, when not using the packaging machine, covered with cloth.
Packaging machine changes over time, people are more demanding of it, packaging machine manufacturers are constantly innovating and improving, and gradually meet customer needs.


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