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Automatic Playing Cards Wrapping Machine Working Video

By:Sherry         Date:May-03-18

Many customers want to know how does the playing cards wrapping machine work before purchasing the machine. Let's take a look at the playing cards wrapping machine video to see how it works.

First of all, if you need a complete packaging line, then you only need one employee to operate the machine. If you only need a single machine, then you also need to put the playing cards on the conveyor belt of the console manually. The specific steps are as follows:
The playing cards are placed on a conveyor belt, transported automatically, wrapped, cut, pushed to the rotary turret for sealing, and output from the other end after sealing. These steps are done automatically by the poker wrapping machine and only need to  place the raw materials manually.
In fact, the operating method and working principle of the playing cards packing machine are very simple, according to the video and operating instructions can be operated, and the most important is the maintenance of the wrapping machine, only a good maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the machine, then you should pay attention to the following problem when maintain the playing cards wrapper:
1. Clean up the operating platform in time after shutdown to remove debris.
2. For the heat-seal area, it should be cleaned regularly to ensure the texture of the seal is clear.
3. The materials scattered on the console should be cleaned and kept clean promptly.
4. Clean the dust in the electric control box to prevent malfunction such as poor contact regularly. The new machine must be inspected and fastened to the drive and moving parts within one week of use, maintained with lubrication, and maintained on a regular basis.
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