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Playing Cards Wrapping Machine for Sale

By:Sherry         Date:April-09-18

playing cards wrapping machine for sale
The playing cards wrapping machine is based on the three-dimensional packaging machine, combined with the needs of customers, the actual understanding of the operation process of bulk goods, after careful design and transformation. With the characteristics of fast packaging, stable and reliable operation, firm sealing, and good appearance, it is an ideal choice for packaging bulk goods.
The poker wrapping machine is widely used for the packaging of loose objects such as bulk playing cards, digital cards, calendars, newspaper stickers, note papers, compressed biscuits, and wafer biscuits. Can play a role in moisture, dust, anti-counterfeiting, and help improve the product packaging grade and product added value.
Features of playing cards wrapping machine:
1. Compared to other models, this model can not only package bulk goods such as playing cards, but also package other items such as boxes.
2. The machine introduces and absorbs advanced technologies at home and abroad, and carefully designs and manufactures the launched cellophane wrapping machine. Innovative design, reasonable structure, frequency control, intelligent temperature control, and overload protection device.
3. The key parts are die steel and high speed steel. Has a long service life, stable operation, easy adjustment and so on.
4. The seal is firm, flat and beautiful, and tear tape can be added. Change the angler and a small number of parts to package different specifications. And for the poker and other industries designed a special model, automatic feeding, film delivery, tear tape cut off, folding bag sealing, hot scalding and other actions. Widely used in three-dimensional packaging of food box, playing cards, game cards, cigarettes box, cosmetics box, cards and other items.
5. High-precision gear transmission, lack of cards will not send film.
If you have any other question about playing cards packing machine,please contact us for free, we will reply you within 24 hours.
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