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What Is The Reason For The Packing Machine Appear Loose Bag?

By:Sherry         Date:December-07-17

Detergent packing machine
Some customers call us to say that detergent packing machine appear loose bag when operate the machine, how it happened. The reason why there will be loose bags, mainly because after the weighing of the material is completed, the weighing hopper puts a little material into the package, there will be a case of automatic release of the bag. Although this scenario is infrequent, This situation is very representative.
However, in the event of such problems do not be worry, find the reason, and then find the appropriate solution.
The main reason for this situation is detergent packaging machine through the steel pipe will be entrained with rust, the original gas filter ineffective, causing the rust into the solenoid valve, coupled with the program designed to open the door shorter time , resulting in such failure, the replacement of gas filtration device, the problem completely solved.


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