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How To Maintain Almond Powder Packing Machine?

By:Sherry         Date:January-11-18

The almond powder packaging machine for almond powder and other powder packaging, packaging style not only comply with the national hygiene standards, and package appearance is beautiful, and occupy a large market share in the packaging machinery industry, the development and progress of the food market brings a broader market for packing machine. However, many customers are not fully aware of the packaging machine, so it is not clear how to maintain the packaging machine. In fact, the maintenance packaging machine requires only three steps, mechanical parts, electrical parts and mechanical lubrication.
 Automatic almond powder packing machine
Maintenance of electrical parts:
1. The operator should check whether the joints is loose.
2. Dust and other tiny particles may also affect the function of the packaging machine.The dust on the photoelectric switch and other parts is prone to erroneous actions, it should be checked and cleaned regularly.
3. Details of the parts are also the focus of mechanical cleaning, such as regular use of soft gauze dipped in alcohol to clean the surface of the horizontal seal ring, clear the carbon powder on surface.
4.Some parts of the packaging machine can't be changed at will. The non professional personnel can't turn on the electrical part. The parameters or procedures of the frequency converter, microcomputer and other control elements have been set. Any change will cause the system to be chaotic, and the machine can't work normally.
The lubrication of the automatic almond powder packing machine:
1. The rolling bearing is a serious part of the mechanical wear, so each rolling bearing should add  butter every two months.
2. Different kinds of lubricating oil are different, such as the sleeve on the packing roller, and the shaft sleeve at the front chain wheel of the feed conveyor should be timely added to 40# mechanical oil.
3. Chain lubrication is the most common, the chain wheel chain should be on time filling the viscosity of the mechanical oil more than 40#.
4. Clutch is the key to the starting of the badam powder packing machine, and the clutch part should be timely added to grease the grease.


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