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Low Price Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

By:Sherry         Date:April-25-18

Low Price Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine
Sometimes, we may think the pyramid tea bag packing machine price is very low, but many customers still think that our price is high, but for us, the low price means the factory price, instead of raising the price, then give a discount price, let customers feel that our prices are already very low. In fact, we can do this, but we do not want to give customers the wrong impression that we are an industry with windfall profits, so we send to customers the quote is already the ex-factory price. But why some customers still thinking that our machines are expensive?
1. Compact size. The structure of the triangle tea packing machine is relatively complicated, and the compactness of space requires that the size of the device is small. For example, the thermocouple contained in the heat seal plate has a diameter of less than 2 mm, so a needle-type thermocouple must be used. Both the display device and the adjusting device are digital displays formed by integrated circuits, which are beautiful on the tea packaging machine and are easy to operate and adjust.
2. The reaction speed is fast. For example, when the packaging speed exceeds 1000 beats/minute, the response speed of many sensors cannot meet the requirements, but our adopted sensors allow the machine to maintain high-speed operation.
3. High reliability. The loading rate of the triangle tea bag packing machine is very high, and it is often under high-speed operating conditions. Therefore, we use reliable sensors with strong adaptability and the adjustment device also has high anti-interference ability.
4. High measurement accuracy. Measurement accuracy affects the quality of goods and packaging costs.
And according to the customer's response, we made reasonable improvements and processing in some details.
1. In order to keep the machine in operation, without shaking or running smoothly, the center of gravity of the machine moves down.
2. In order to reduce the vibration of the machine during operation, the cylinder is changed to servo motor in some key positions.
3. Increased film recovery device, although the cost increases, but the cost-effective, the customer is very satisfied.
4. In terms of measurement, customers can also choose different measurement methods according to different materials, such as rotary disk type volumetric measurement, sliding friction type volumetric measurement, electronic scale weighing type measurement and so on.
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