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Levels of Packaging Of Coffee

By:Sherry         Date:March-22-19

There are many ways to package coffee on the market, and the packaging levels are different. The levels of packaging of coffee mainly divided into three grades.
 Levels of Packaging of Coffee
Level 1: primary packaging
The basic packaging of coffee is generally non-hermetic packaging, which is the most economical package. However, the coffee in this packaging method can only be stored for a short time because the bag is filled with air, and of course the bag or container is sealed. This package can easily isolate moisture, flavor loss and the effect of light on coffee, but because of the long-term contact with the air in the bag, the coffee is easily oxidized, and long-term storage can affect the taste of the coffee.
 Coffee Packaging Machine
Level 2: secondary packaging
Secondary packaging is generally vacuum packed. This type of packaging will make the coffee and packaging materials closely fit together. This is the "brick" shaped coffee powder that everyone sees in the supermarket.
Level 3: premium packaging
Premium packaging usually uses pressurized packaging, which is a very expensive way, but in this way, the coffee can be kept for up to two years. And after a few minutes of roasting, the coffee can be vacuum-packed, with some inert gas added to keep the proper pressure inside. Coffee is kept under pressure to improve its aroma by allowing the aroma to flow over the fat.
In fact, ordinary packaging is the most common packaging method among the three levels, as all coffee lovers will know. Coffee packaging is divided into many levels, here we just introduce three of them, hope to give our customers a little common sense, if you need coffee packaging machine, please contact us, we are very honored to serve you.


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