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How to Use Digital Control Particle Filling Machine?

By:Sherry         Date:January-20-20

Digital control particle filling machine is very popular for many food factory, but do you know how to use digital control particle filling machine? Here we will explain in detail for you:
Digital control particle filling machine

1. Turn on the power switch, the power indicator light is on. After the power switch is turned on, the horizontal and vertical sealing roller heaters can be energized and begin to heat up.
2. Adjust the vertical seal and horizontal seal temperature controller to the required temperature. The temperature adjustment should be based on the packaging materials used (usually at 100-110 ℃), and the temperature of the vertical and horizontal seals is different. It should be adjusted according to the actual situation.
3. Put the packaging film, send the film along the guide groove to the vicinity of the vertical sealing roller, and align the two ends of the film. If it is not aligned, the film will curl during longitudinal sealing.
4. The computer sets the bag length to the length indicated by the light spot. First, measure the length indicated by the light dot on the bag-length packaging material set by the computer, which is the actual length of the bag.
5. Idle the work for a few minutes to see if the bonding is complete. If the temperature is too low, the bag will be easily peeled when stretched; if the temperature is too high and the heat-sealed surface is white, it is not beautiful.
6. Turn on the cutter clutch, and when it cannot be cut in a regular orientation, block the power switch to adjust.
7. The manual stepless speed-change belt pulley feeds the film into the horizontal sealing roller, so that the orientation of the light point of the film is exactly in the middle of the sealing of the horizontal sealing roller.
8. Load the material into the hopper.
9. Adjust the feeding time so that the package is filled into the bag when the horizontal seal is closed.
10. After all the work is done, automatic packaging production can be carried out.


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