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How To Package Honey Sticks?

By:Sherry         Date:September-30-18

How to package honey sticks? We all know that honey is a translucent, shiny, thick liquid, if left for too long or when cold, white granular crystals will precipitate. This makes packing honey becomes difficult. The sticky honey will stick to the seal, causing the package to leak, and because many honey processing industries lack advanced automatic honey sachet packing machine, the honey cannot be processed and packed in time, it causes great economic loss every year.
 How to Packing Honey Sticks
So how to package honey sticks well because a difficult problem for many honey processing manufacturer.
But with the development of technology, we designed a special packaging machine for honey, it is developed according to the characteristics of honey. The honey processing and packing machine produced by our company can not only accelerate the packing speed, but also maintain the original quality of honey. It also caters to consumers' pursuit of returning to nature. It increases the added value of honey and brings more direct benefits to the honey processing manufacturer.
This machine is designed for automatic vertical packaging of three pairs of roller, for paste and other materials. It can realize the packaging of three-side sealing or four-side sealing. The machine adopts advanced industrial computer design and PLC control system, set and modify various parameters through color touch screen. The unique optoelectronic control system can automatically calibrate the cursor position in 2-3 bags. Sealing adopts roller type, firm and reliable. The packing material is injected into the packing bag through the pump with high accuracy. Cutting method can use flat blade, serrated knife and so on.
 Honey Stick Packaging Machine
If you need more information about the machines, please visit our factory. And you can bring your raw materials to our factory for trial run, and check whether the performance of the machine is the same as what we described. Samples, pictures and specific parameters (length, width and thickness of finished products) can also be provided if it is not convenient to go to the site, then we will test the machine and shoot video and send it to you. According to your requirements and specific product parameters, we will give you a detailed description of which model is the most suitable for you, and provide you with a set of solutions. By using machine, you can know how to package honey well, if you have other question, please contact us for free.


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