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How to Package Granola Bars to Sell?

By:Sherry         Date:July-12-19

How to package granola bars to sell? The easiest way is to use the granola bar packing machine. This is a packaging machine specially designed for granola bars. Its operation method and working principle are very simple.
Working Principle:
Simply put, it is driven by the motor, the photoelectric tracking color code is monitored during the packaging process. The conveyor belt automatically transports the packaged goods to the packaging position, packed into the packaging film, after heating, the composite type is pressed, sent to the transverse sealing cutter to heat seal and seal, cut, and then the finished product is output by the conveyor belt.

How to package granola bars to sell?
1. Put the packaging film on the packaging machine according to the needs of the product.
2. According to the width of the packaging film and the height of the product, adjust the packaging mouth and start the machine after the adjustment is completed.
3. Adjust the speed of the conveyor belt according to the speed of the product.
4. Product through the packaging mouth, then packing complete.
5. The product to be packaged is placed on the conveyor belt and transferred into the packaging mouth.
More detailed steps will be displayed in the manual and a detailed operation video will be sent.
 Granola Bar Packing Machine

Granola bar packing machine features:
1. With programmable controller, manual and automatic conversion, the operation is simpler and can meet more packaging needs.
2. The frequency converter used simplifies the operation process, allowing the machine to complete the packaging process stably and efficiently, while reducing noise.
3. Accurate positioning system, accurate detection of film feeding speed and sealing speed during packaging is also very important, accurate positioning can ensure the safety of sealing and cutting.
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