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How To Choose Packaging for A Product?

By:Sherry         Date:April-13-18

Packaging Material
Many operators don't know how to choose packaging for a product, and they don't know where to buy packaging material. They may think that the product only needs to be wrapped with packaging film, but the choice of packaging material is also important.
Packaging film is divided into: breathable plastic film, anti-fog film and easy to open cover film
1. Breathable plastic film
Fresh fish, meat, and other perishable foods, requiring low permeability or high gas barrier plastic film packaging in order to maintain the freshness of the product effectively; fresh fruits and vegetables require high permeability plastic film, as the gas exchange membrane and the atmosphere gas exchange to supplement the oxygen consumed by the respiration of fruits and vegetables and to discharge the carbon dioxide produced.
Plastic film is a kind of polymer. The penetration of gas molecules into plastic film is often activated diffusion. Under certain conditions, other types of diffusion may occur if cracks or other sipes are present on the plastic film.
2. Anti-fog film
The packaged food placed in the freezer has a layer of mist on the surface of the plastic film due to the temperature difference between inside and outside, which makes it impossible for the consumer to see the products in the package and thus affect the sales. The anti-fog film can solve this problem, allowing customers to clearly observe the contents of the package, thereby increasing sales.
3. Easy to open cover film
When the plastic film box is packaged, if the cover film and the box are the same material, the cover film and the box material are completely fused when heated, and the heat seal strength can be very high and it is difficult to open it by hand. Easy-open cover film uses a polymer that is different from plastic box material but similar in heat sealing performance. After heat sealing, the seal has a certain heat seal strength, but the two materials are not fully fused together, so it can be easily opened by hand. Easy-open cover film is mainly used for boxed cooked food. Customers can eat directly after tearing the cover film.
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