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Holes Tea Bag Packing Machine

By:Sherry         Date:March-08-18

Holes tea bag packing machine
The new holes tea bag packing machine is specially designed for tea, and packaging materials can be ordinary light laminated sheets because the machine uses a special perforated die in the production process to press the water circulation holes in the film. Therefore, tea stick can be put into a water cup and stirred.
Holes tea bag packing machine scope of application:
1. Applicable to food, medicine, cosmetics, industrial products, etc.
2. Can be used for small grains of tea, tea powder, coffee, medicinal granules and so on.
Function of tea bag packing machine with holes
1. Temperature controller Intelligent Control temperature, so that the heat balance better.
2. Use Chinese/English display control system.
3. Good packaging performance, low noise, clear seal, strong sealing performance.
4. Use original PLC control system, good stability, easy to use, simple operation, long life.
5. With an alarm system, you can set the quantity in the PLC control Panel.
6. Operation manuals and videos will be send in conjunction with the machine during delivery.
7. More professional, more advanced technology.
8. According to your demand to adjust the length of the tea bag, packaging speed, touch screen operation, very simple.
9. The tea stick produced by the machine can be put into the cup directly and will not produce any harmful substances. After drinking tea, you can put the tea bag in the room, refrigerator and other places to keep the air fresh.
If you have any question about the holes tea bag packing machine,please contact me.


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