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Coffee Packing Solution

By:Sherry         Date:May-13-20

Coffee, a popular beverage all over the world, always packed in pouch then sell on market. As a packing machine manufacturer, we can supply different coffee packing solution:
 coffee packing machine
Common packaging solutions are:
1. Non-hermetic packaging: This is a very economical packaging method. Coffee in this packaging mode can only be kept for a short time. It can simply isolate the effect of moisture, flavor loss and light on coffee, but due to long-term contact with air, coffee will oxidize, so the flavor will be lost.
2. Airtight packaging: After filling the coffee, vacuum and seal it. Because carbon dioxide is formed during roasting, this type of packaging can only be packaged after the coffee has been left to degas for a period of time, so there are several days of storage interval. Since it does not need to be separated from the air during storage, the cost is low.
3. Vacuum coffee packaging: There are two conditions for vacuum packaging: ① Vacuum.② A flexible packaging material. This packaging method will make the coffee and packaging materials fit tightly together.
4. Pressurized packaging: This is a relatively expensive packaging method. After adding some inert gas, maintain proper pressure in the package. Coffee is kept under pressure, allowing the aroma to flow on the fat, thereby improving the aroma of the beverage.
Of course, different coffee packaging solutions require different coffee packaging machine. If you have any requirements, please contact us.
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