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Cellophane Wrap For Cigarettes

By:Sherry         Date:May-02-18

Cigarette box wrapping machine
Here we will introduce cellophane wrap for cigarettes, the cigarette box wrapping machine is ideal equipment for wrapping boxes or other regular objects with BOPP film.The cigarette wrapping by cellophane can be moisture-proof, anti-pollution.
Features: The cellophane wrapping machine has been carefully designed to improve. Use well-known brands of electrical components, with stable and reliable operation, speed, sealing solid, compact, waterproof seal is good, smooth appearance and so on. Can single or multiple boxes automatically wrapped, automatically send boxes, folding, heat sealing, packaging, and automatic paste tear tape. Replace a small number of parts can be packaged in different sizes (length, width, height) of the box rules packaging.
Our company has been committed to digital products, audio-visual products packaging, we insist on positive development and exploration, walk in the forefront of the packaging industry, leading the cutting-edge packaging technology and trends. From CDs, DVDs, and now Blu-ray discs witness the new pattern in the packaging field. We take into account the variability and adaptability in the production of the machine, can be well adapted to market changes. Our simple, easy and quick tool change to pack different products and sizes makes our machines unique. The compact machine structure ensures both the service life of the packaging machine , the failure rate and repair rate.


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