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How To Wrap Perfume Box By Cellophane Wrapping Machine?

By:Sherry         Date:June-15-18

Perfume is very popular for many people from all over the world, and when you buy the perfume, it is wrapped by cellophane, but how to wrap perfume box? It is very simple, you only need a perfume box cellophane wrapping machine, and when you wrap the perfume box, you only need to put the boxes on the feeding port, and then the machine will wrap the perfume box automatically.
This wrapping machine is ideal for small and medium-sized packaging business, save money, save labor. With this machine, you can finish packing in very small space, and due to the machine use cellophane paper roll, you can set the parameters of the machine, and then the machine will cut packaging material according to the size of the boxes, make the packaging effect better, and don't waste packing material. And it is a fully automatic 3d wrapping machine, the packaging materials can be BOPP film, PVC and others, the machine can apply to wrapping the products as a folding single box package. It is an ideal for the cassette packing cases, this machine is widely used in various sizes of single box 3D transparent film wrapping.
Advantages of wrapping perfume box by machine:
1. Improve the packaging yield and adornment effect greatly, increase the market competitive, can make the sales soar, and improve the added value of products.
2. The price is reasonable, maybe it is not the lowest, and the machine with stable operation, high reliability, almost without maintenance. Simple, quick and convenient replacement method.
3. Strong adaptability, one machine can complete dozens of packing specifications.
4. The machine has compact structure, take up small space, the weight is light.
5. It can feed automatically by conveyor belt, wrapping, folding, side-sealing, the upper and lower shaping, counting, and owning self adhesive security features such as easy to pull.
6. This type of wrapping machine is equipped with U-type cutter, easy installation and disassembly.
7. This wrapping machine can support single-box type packaging and also the whole line packaging after connected to box machine, coding machine and the other associated equipment.
After our introduction of wrapping perfume box, you may know how to wrap perfume box by machine, if you have any question, please contact us for free.
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