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Packing Materials Of Cellophane Wrapping Machine--BOPP Film

By:Sherry         Date:January-16-18

BOPP film
BOPP film is a very important packaging material and is widely used. BOPP film is colorless, tasteless and nontoxic, and has high tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, toughness and good transparency. The surface of the BOPP film can be low, and corona treatment is required before the coating is coated or printed. However, after the corona treatment, the BOPP film has good printing adaptability, which can be applied to the printing and get the beautiful appearance effect, so it is often used as the surface material of the composite film. In order to obtain BOPP film that can be heat sealed, it can be coated on the surface of BOPP film with heat sealing resin, such as PVDC latex and EVA latex, and also can be coated with solvent adhesive. The film is widely used in bread, clothing, footwear and other packaging, and cigarettes, books cover packaging. The tear strength of BOPP film is increased after stretching, but no incision can be left on both ends of BOPP film. Otherwise, BOPP film will tear easily when printed or combined. BOPP can produce sealing tape after coating without dry glue. It is a market with large amount of BOPP.
BOPP film can be produced by tube membrane method or flat film method. The properties of BOPP films obtained by different processing methods are different. The BOPP film produced by flat film method has a higher tensile ratio (up to 8-10), so the strength of the film is higher than that of the tube film, and the uniformity of the thickness of the film is better.
In order to get better comprehensive performance, the multi-layer composite method is usually used in the process of production. BOPP can be combined with a variety of different materials to meet the special needs of the application. Such as BOPP and LDPE (CPP), PE, PT, PO and PVA composite are highly resistance gas, humidity resistance, transparency, high and low temperature resistance, steam resistance and oil resistance, different composite membrane can be applied to oily food, dry food, cooked food, MSG, cooking pancakes, rice cake package etc..

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