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Cumin Powder Packing Machine
Pouch Filling And Packing Machine

Auto Cumin Powder Pouch Filling And Packing Machine Manufacturers

Moq:1 set Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 100sets/month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port
Description:This cumin powder packing machine is mainly used for cumin powder, spice powder, masala powder, soda powder and other powder.

Features Use Range of Cumin Powder Packing Machine:
This cumin powder packing machine is mainly used for cumin powder, spice powder, masala powder, soda powder and other powder.Cumin Powder Packing Machine
Features of Pouch Filling and Packing Machine:
1. The pouch filling and packing machine can complete the measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, printing production date, cutting off, counting, cutting and tearing, etc. automatically in the packaging process.
2. The control system uses Chinese display screen, the performance is stable, the anti-interference ability is strong, has the fault automatic detection prompt function, make the operation method to be simpler, the maintenance is more convenient.
3. Bag-making system using stepper motor control, the system has high precision, low noise, long life and other characteristics, it does not need to adjust other parts, just to change the parameters on the display screen can change the length of the bag, and accurate.
4. The pouch filling and sealing machine also has a color standard identification system, if your packaging materials has colored labels, you can obtain a complete logo.
5. Unique embedded seal, enhanced heat sealing mechanism, intelligent temperature control instrument, with good heat balance function, suitable for all kinds of packaging materials, good performance, low noise, strong sealing.
6. Different cutting tools can be used to achieve different cut effects. And can be based on customer requirements to replace the three-edge seal or four-side seal mold and bag-making device to meet the needs of different customers.
Service from Cumin Powder Packing Machine Manufacturers:

Tailored, according to the characteristics of the packaging can be designed to the corresponding packaging machine.
Policy: We can provide on-site installation services according to customer needs, and training operators, the operation of any problems encountered in the process, you can contact us, we will be ready to solve for you. and long-term concessions to supply spare parts and components and vulnerable parts.
If you need a packing machine for the cumin seeds, please visit our : Granule Packing Machine
Technical Data
Model LG-280
Bag Size Making L: 30-150mm
W: 20-140mm
Thickness of Packing Film 0.03-0.07mm
Diameter of Rolling Paper =<400
Packing Speed 40-65 Bags/min
Power 1.8KW/220V
Measure Range 1-120ML
Weight 380kg
Dimensions 720x980x1680



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