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Play Dough Packaging Machine
12 Color Plasticine Packing Machine
Plasticine Molding And Packaging Machine

12 Color Play Dough Plasticine Molding And Packaging Machine

Moq:1 set Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 100sets/month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port
Description:The 12 color plasticine packing machine is through extrusion, molding, slitting, automatic packaging, printing date to complete Plasticine molding and packaging.

Features The 12 color plasticine packing machine is through extrusion, molding, slitting, automatic packaging, printing date to complete Plasticine molding and packaging, with fast packaging, packaging finished product beautiful, save labor costs and other advantages.
Constitute of Play Dough Packaging Machine:

1. Extrusion system: mainly composed by the screw and barrel composition, it is the key part of the extruder, clay through the extrusion system, by the screw continuous quantitative fixed pressure to squeeze the machine head.
2.Clay cutting machine transmission system: drive screw, so that the screw to obtain required speed in the process, composed by different sizes of gears, shafts, bearings and motor components.
3. Traction device: Its function is to hauling the workpiece evenly, and the section size of the workpiece control, so that the extrusion process stably.
4. Shaping device: Its role is to make Plasticine in accordance with the shape of extrusion stabilized, so that the cross-section shape and size is more accurate, and with bright surface.
Characteristics Dough Clay Packing Machine:
1. Material extrusion smooth, slitting simply, the material barrel made by stainless steel, never rust.
2. Fault alarm function, can show the cause of failure, fault location.
3. Play dough extruder, use horizontal single screw type, friction produces less heat, cut evenly.
4. Adopt open box structure, machine barrel cleaning is more convenient.
5. Suitable for Plasticine, rice cakes, etc, simple operation, can also be custom-made a variety of monochrome or multi-color plasticine molding and packaging machine.

12 Color Plasticine Packing Machine
Technical Data
Model LG-DZB260
Packaging Material Suitable for various materials plastic film, paper film, aluminum foil film.
Dimensions 4100*950*1500mm
Packing Speed 40-200bag/min
Max Forming Specification Length200mm*Width100mm*Height30mm
Minimum Material Specifications Length50mm*Width30mm*Height5mm
Rated Voltage AC220V
Compressed Air Pressure 0.5-0.7(Mpa)
Compressed Air Consumption >0.36(m3/h)
Noise(dB) 60-70dB



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