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Why Packaging Is So Important?

By:Sherry         Date:March-21-18

why packaging is so important
Why packaging is so important?
1. Packaging is a sales force
In China, there is a story where a businessman buys a pearl wrapped in a beautiful wooden box from another businessman, but only takes the box and leaves the pearl to the merchant. This story illustrates the magical effect of packaging.
Consumers in the purchase of products for each product to stay time is very short, therefore, whether to cause consumer desire for consumption, resulting in the purchase of motives, the role of packaging is very critical. Product packaging first shows sales force, bear the main function of attracting consumers. For example, some cooked food, before the bulk sales, but now using the form of box-style fresh packaging, the result of rapid increase in sales. This means that packaging to a large extent affect the sales of products.
2. Packaging is a brand power
21st Century is a brand consumer era, consumers in the purchase of goods has not only to meet the demand, but more value whether the goods can bring their own spiritual satisfaction, and this is reflected by the packaging. Now, the competition between enterprises is more and more fierce, not only embodied in technology, product quality, price and so on, but also reflected in the brand image, product packaging and so on.
3. The marketing point of view meat packaging
Some meats are sold in an open fashion or with a pallet wrapped in a layer of fresh film.But from the convenience of consumption, security and product value considerations, vacuum packaging more in line with the trend of development. Meat vacuum packaging has many advantages. First, the packaging film is completely covered in the plastic wrap, three-dimensional display of the product's appearance, convenient for consumers to distinguish and touch. The second is to enhance the market competitive advantage. As an internationally recognized high-end packaging, vacuum packaging product space is compressed to the minimum, easy to carry and transport, saving logistics costs. Excellent solid packaging form can also play a dust-proof, shockproof, Moistureproof role.
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