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Volumetric Filling Machine Principle

By:Sherry         Date:March-05-20

The volumetric filling machine uses a single head plunger-type quantitative filling device, which realizes the quantitative supply of materials by adjusting the distance of the plunger movement, while adjusting according to different filling amounts within the measuring range. And the volumetric filling machine principle is very simple.
Volumetric filling machine principle:
The volumetric method is used to measure the filling volume by adjusting the plunger volume. The front end of the feeding port is equipped with a feeding pump or a raw material storage tank to send materials from the tank to the filling machine by pressurization. Before filling, the filtering device can be added to remove impurities to ensure the level of the product; through the reciprocating movement of the piston, rapid filling can be achieved. Suitable for filling of high, medium and low viscosity fluids.
 Volumetric Filling Machine Principle
Volumetric filling machine working flow:
The feed valve is opened, the discharge valve is closed, the piston rod is drawn back, and the material is drawn from the raw material tank into the piston cavity; the feed valve is closed, the discharge valve is opened, the piston rod is pushed forward, and the material is sent from the piston cavity to the bottle . Reciprocating work, and equipped with conveying roller table and capping device to complete the material filling and sealing process.
〇 Filling head can use single or double head, piston type work, high filling speed, reduce the work pressure of workers. Suitable for filling round, square, flat and various bottles.
〇 The foot switch operation is convenient and practical, and can be completed by one person. The level is stable and reliable.
〇 Full pneumatic control, in line with explosion-proof requirements; filling and feeding are connected by pipes, less volatilization of materials, and sanitary and safe operating environment
〇 Convenient operation and easy maintenance.


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