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Tea Stick Pack Machine For Sale

By:Sherry         Date:June-04-18

Tea stick pack machine for sale in our company, and it is widely used in tea and coffee powder, which consumers like very much because it is portability, easy to use., the operation of stick tea packing machine is similar with vertical packing machine, and the packaging speed up to 50 bags every minute.
Main functions and characteristics of tea stick pack machine:
1. The latest PLC programmable controller, each process is fully automatic, accurate and reliable.
2. Sealed tightly and firmly, its finished product style is novel and unique, high efficiency, convenient and practical.
3. Button switch + full digital display. The operation is stable and reliable.
4. Computer control, the system uses the stepper motor subdivision technology, the bag making accuracy is high, the error is less than 1 millimeters.
5. Fully automatic tracking of color labels, intelligent removal of false color labels, complete the positioning and length of packaging bags automatically.
6. Heat seal use dual channel temperature control, intelligent temperature control, good thermal balance, ensure sealing quality, suitable for a variety of packaging materials.
7. Especially for coffee, milk tea, condiments, health products and other instant electuary packaging.
8. Simple operation and maintenance method, intermittent structure design, simple and clear, easy to operate, easy to maintain.
9. The bag making accuracy is high. The bag making part adopts advanced stepping motor driving, digital control, adjusting the length of the bag, simple and convenient, and the bag length control is accurate.
About tea stick pack machine service:
1. Logistics service: "door to door" delivery.
2. Can provide door-to-door service. The tea stick pack machine has been installed before leaving the factory. For some installation of production line, we can send professional engineers to install and debug at home.
3. Training course. Carefully shoot more than 100 parts and installation video, commissioning and operation video of the whole machine.
4. Quick response. 365 days 7*24 hours quick response.
There are many models of stick pack machine for sale, if you interested in the machine, please send us your requirement, then we will send you the quotation as soon as possible.
Tea Stick Packing Machine


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