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Supply Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine

By:Sherry         Date:January-10-18

Automatic cellophane wrapping machine
The cellophane wrapping machine uses the perfect science and technology in Europe and Japan, adopts imported PLC controlled electrical components, it is driven by cylinder and servo motor controls falling film, set and adjust the packaging film length, stable operation, high speed, smooth and beautiful. The machine frame adopts imported high quality aluminum alloy or stainless steel, closed safety glass cover, which can be automatically packed, feeding, folding, hot sealing and counting. Fault automatic diagnosis and alarm, the replacement of a small part of the parts can be packaged in different sizes of products.
This cellophane wrapping machine is suitable for glass paper and BOPP coating, for the different specifications of hard paper packing box, packaging for the 3D packaging. Transparent paper (film) and a broken seal with a picture or holographic laser mark, which can be easily sealed and anti-counterfeit by means of adhesive.
Performance structure and characteristics:
1. the packing speed can be adjusted and the size of the package can be adjusted.
2. heat sealing temperature can be adjusted.
1. Anti-counterfeit / moisture-proof
2. Increase the added value of the product, improve the quality of the product and improve the quality of the packaging.


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