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Stick Tea Bag Packing Machine Usage Considerations

By:Sherry         Date:March-15-18

Stick tea bag packing machine
How to operate the stick tea bag packing machine?Many people don’t know how to operate the stick tea bag packing machine after buy the machine, or because the operation method is incorrect cause machine failure, so what should pay attention when operate tea stick packing machine?
1. When the tea stick packing machine working, you should pay attention to the coordination of sound, can quickly find the accident before the abnormal sound.
2. After installing the packaging film, if you does not start the machine for a long time, longitudinal seal roll heat continuously transmitted to the film, will lead to the packaging film deformation, at this time you should make three nut clockwise rotation, longitudinal seal roll and horizontal seal roll separate.
3. You should often use copper brush to clean the longitudinal seal roll, horizontal seal roll surface, if the heating rod surface adhesion polyethylene or dust, it will lead to sealing is not strong, so that longitudinal seal rod tension weakened.
4. In the inspection, cleaning, repair stick tea bag packing machine, should cut off the power switch.
Tea stick packing machine features:
1. Wide range of uses: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry can be used.
2. High efficiency: Output up to 50-80 bales/min, is several times of manual packaging.
3. Clean and energy-saving: The use of packaging machine to make tea packaging become sanitary, save material, save bags, provincial fees, environmental protection.
4. Good visibility, side-open protective baffle, safe operation.
5. Adopt the latest plate-type cup adjustment device to reduce material loss and improve work efficiency.
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