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What is Application Scope of Small Spice Packing Machine?

By:Sherry         Date:May-30-18

Some customers want to know the scope of application about small spice packing machine, because they don’t know whether the machine can be used for their raw material. In fact, you do not worry, even if the machine which you interested in is not suitable for you, we also have other types can introduce for you, the spice powder packing machine in addition to type, price, packing range is not the same, the standard configuration is basically the same, we can also be customized according to your requirements and raw materials. In order to ask more customer know our machine, now we introduce the application scope of small spice packing machine for you:
1. Powdered seasoning: seasoning powder, pepper, chili powder, mustard powder, five spice powder, spice powder, flavor powder, sugar powder, mixed seasoning powder, and other powder, can seal to three sides,four sides and back seal.
2. Powder drink: Soybean milk powder, soy milk powder, coffee powder, lotus root powder, walnut powder, sesame powder, peanut powder, soybean powder, Pu'er tea powder, milk powder, konjac powder, ginger powder, red dates powder, wheat germ powder, almond powder, buckwheat powder, bee pollen, grape sugar, tea, powder black tea powder, green tea powder, bovine colostrum powder, children's food powder granules, baby powder, powder and additive rice powder nutrition, health products and other types of powder.
3. Medicine powder : three sides sealing and back sealing of the powder of Western medicine powder, Chinese medicine powder, veterinary powder and other kinds of powder.
4. Other powder:daily products powder, disinfectant powder, detergent powder, skin care powder, chemical powder, and other kinds of powder.
If you want to use the small spice packing machine for other material, please contact us, we can tell you whether the machine can pack your raw material.
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