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Automatic Juice Filling And Sealing Machine

By:Sherry         Date:May-14-18

Juice Filling And Sealing Machine
There are many kinds of juice filling and sealing machine, and their functions are not exactly the same. Longer machinery has many years of experience in the development and manufacture of filling machine, the sale of juice filling machines have fully automatic juice filling, multiple filling head and so on, have been praised by customers unanimously. About our juice filling machine, we have the following introduction:
Performance characteristics of automatic juice filling and sealing machine:
1. Strong control, support a variety of personalized settings.
2. The production efficiency is high, each filling head has the independent power and the control system.
3. Precision more accurate, stable, eliminate the interference between the multi-system.
4. The juice filling machine uses multiple-pump filling technology, speed and precision are achieved perfect unity.
5. Electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake with the action, high filling accuracy.
6. Man-machine Interface and PLC communication, debugging equipment or the replacement of packaging materials can set on the screen.Conveying bottles, positioning, filling, the bottle is completed automatically.
7. If the bottle is not in place when filling, the bottle is blocked or the liquid tube is not inserted into the bottle, the device will protect automatically, stop the follow-up work.
8. Use piston quantitative, controlled by the PLC.
9. Simple operation, easy maintenance, stable and reliable performance, high filling precision and strong adaptability.
10. According to the different filling containers, the filling head can be designed into a lifting and diving structure, can be combined with bottle-feeding machine, capping machine, labeling machine, sealing machine, inkjet machine,  composition of automatic filling line.
Here, we introduce the characteristics of juice filling machine simply. If you want to know more, you can send us an email or leave us a message, and we can customize automatic juice filling machine to your needs.


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