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How To Complete Instant Coffee Packaging?

By:Sherry         Date:March-14-19

Instant coffee is a very common type of coffee, it's often packaged in long bags. But how to complete instant coffee packaging?
It is very easy for automatic coffee powder packing machine. In fact, this packaging method of instant coffee packaging is very simple, it is a kind of PLC programmable program to achieve a series of packaging action, the machine in the factory will have a set of their own system, machinery in the work of the time will be strictly in accordance with the procedures to work.
 Instant Coffee Packaging
Firstly, the blanking of raw materials is controlled, and then they are weighed. When the required weight is reached, the system will automatically stop it and proceed to the next process. After the material enters the packaging bag, the computer controls the sealing equipment of the packaging bag for sealing, and then cuts off part of the packaging bag, and the whole packaging process is completed. And the packaging system is not fixed, customers can fully adjust according to their needs, so as to achieve the purpose of packaging.
 Instant Coffee Packaging Machine
The machine is suitable for powder with good fluidity, mainly relying on its own gravity, when necessary, packaging can be completed with some mechanical action. And this kind of packaging machine generally have two kinds of packaging functions, namely with the cursor cutting and fixed length cutting, the two cutting functions are convenient to switch, and the packing method adopted by the machine during operation depends on the packing film.
About more details of how to complete instant coffee packaging by the machine, we will show in the operation manual. 


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