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Do You How To Mass Produce Beef Jerky?

By:Sherry         Date:July-17-18

Many people may know how to make beef jerky at home, but they don’t know how to mass produce beef jerky. In fact, mass production of beef jerky steps are same to homemade beef jerky, but all the process are completed by machine.
Manufacturing process:
Raw material→Cutting and rinsing→Cooking→Modelling→Secondary cooking→Dehydration drying→Cooling and packaging
Material selection, cutting, rinsing
This procedure is to remove the skin, bone, tendons, fat, etc. from the meat, and then rinse the dirt with running water and drain.
This process is designed to remove dirt from the beef, which normally takes an hour until the meat is hard on the surface and pink on the inside, with no dirt and easy cutting.
According to need, you can cut the beef into slice, strip or dice. The thickness of meat slices and strips is 0.3~0.5cm.
Secondary cooking
In this process, sugar, refined salt, soy sauce and other auxiliary materials should be added. The idea is to make the beef jerky more delicious.
Dehydration drying
The beef will be sent to the drying oven after a second cooking process to form the final product.
Cooling and packaging
This step is to extend the shelf life of beef jerky. The packing is made of composite film which has the best effect. When packaging beef jerky, it is best to use special beef jerky packaging machine to prevent improper packaging machine from affecting the taste of beef jerky.
After these introductions, you may know how to mass produce beef jerky, hope you can do well on your beef jerky business, if you have any question, please contact us.

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