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How Bottling Milk On The Farm?

By:Sherry         Date:September-19-18

How bottling milk on the farm? This is a very important question for some people who run a farm and produce milk. But how bottling milk on farm? Traditionally, people bottling milk by manual, but in using this method, it's not just need a lot of labor, and if you don't pay attention to detail, it will cause secondary pollution to the milk, affects the quality of the milk, so more and more farms are using glass milk bottle filling machine to bottle milk.
This milk filling machine is controlled by PLC, photoelectric sensor, pneumatic implementation of a high-tech filling equipment. This machine is specially used for food, such as: liquor, soy sauce, vinegar, condiments, vegetable oil, syrup, mineral water and other edible liquid filling. Filling accurate measurement, no bubble, no leakage. Suitable for filling 50-1000ml bottles of various shapes.
 Bottling Milk On Farm
Suitable for filling containers of different sizes, the filling specification can be changed within a few minutes, short filling cycle, high production capacity. Change filling specifications without adding accessories, only adjustments are needed to complete the filling, customers can choose the quantity of filling according to their own production capacity to determine the quantity of filling head, touch operation screen, can display production status, operation procedures, filling method, etc, simple operation and convenient maintenance, each filling head is provided with a clamping mouth setting to ensure the filling accuracy.
The machine adopts linear grouping to input bottle and output bottle, expand the filling function, containers of all shapes can be filled by the machine, select international advanced gas filling valve, ensure no leakage during filling, powerful PLC software support, ideal filling operation can be achieved, man-machine interface, all operations are completed on the touch screen.
 Milk Bottle Samples
Filling adopts fixed channel parameters, control filling time to achieve different amounts of filling, pneumatic valve filling precision time can be set to 0.01 seconds, the measurement accuracy can be controlled within the error range of plus or minus 1%, reduce unnecessary material loss and improve user economic efficiency. The metering of each filling head can be adjusted separately, to achieve consistency in filling measurement.
So if you run a farm and need a machine to help you complete bottling milk on the farm, please contact us for free.


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