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How to Build A Cement Packing Plant?

By:Sherry         Date:July-19-19

How to build a cement packing plant? There are two points are very important, the choice of factory location and packaging tools.
1. Factory location.
Because cement is a powder object, dust must be generated during the packaging process. Therefore, when selecting a site, the factory must choose a remote place, away from the place where the population gathers, to prevent harm to people's lives.
2. Cement packing tool
Good cement packing machine can help you efficiently complete the entire packaging process, reduce packaging costs and improve packaging efficiency.
 Cement Packing Machine

As a packing machine manufacturer, we can provide you these machines, and we have provide the packing machines for several cement packing plant.
The cement packaging machine produced by our company is divided into pneumatic type and ram type. It mainly consists of a dividing wheel, a control instrument, a measuring mechanism, a feeding mechanism, a machine base, a bagging mechanism and a bag dropping mechanism.
〇 It can be packaged using this packaging machine as long as it is a powdery material with good flow properties.
〇 Basically realize automation, filling, measuring, bag dropping and other actions are automatically and continuously completed.
〇 The working environment is clean and environmentally friendly, no bag is not filled, the bag weight is less than the calibration value, the bag is not dropped, and the bag is accidentally closed and the shutter is closed immediately, and the filling is stopped.
〇 Simple maintenance, less wearing parts, no hydraulic and pneumatic components.
If you have any plan to start a cement packing plant, please send us your requirement.


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